Superfast Salmon with Rice

A three-stage recipe that makes the most of store-cupboard ingredients.

We used a rice and vegetable stir fry mix from Waitrose but microwaved to be extra healthy (and cut down on washing up). You can of course stir fry the veg if you prefer – and why not try out different veg mixes with our other salmon fillet flavours to create your very own version?


  • 2 BigFish plain or Organic salmon portions

  • 1x 300g pack Waitrose Rice, Quinoa & Vegetable Stir Fry


  • 1.

    Take the frozen salmon fillets and pop on a microwaveable plate, piercing a hole in each individual vacuum pack.  Now cook on full power for 5-8 minutes from frozen.  Check half-way through as the cooking time for two fillets will vary depending on their size and shape.  Leave to stand while you prepare the vegetables.

  • 2.

    Cook the stir fry mix in its pouch in the microwave as per the pack instructions.  When heated, divide between two warmed serving dishes.

  • 3.

    Now take the salmon fillets from their vac-pack sleeves. Remove the skin from the fish and flake the salmon into nice chunks. Divide between the two warmed bowls of vegetables, stirring to mix.

    Eat and enjoy immediately!

  • “I love these fast ideas, they're so simple and quick there's no excuse for not eating a healthy meal even if you're really busy!”

    Louise Coulbeck


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Preparation Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time

5 minutes