• We can trace every product right back to it's origin at the salmon farm

    We know where and when all our fish was harvested

  • ...through processing at our Grimsby factory

    ...through processing at our Grimsby factory...

  • finished product.

    to finished product.

To ensure we source responsibly, we need full traceability.

When choosing goods, materials and services, we define a ‘responsible’ choice as one focused on the right standards of food safety, environmental integrity, animal welfare and social responsibility. This requires full traceability throughout our supply chains.

Traceability means we can understand the origin of everything we buy - including where, when and how the fish we source is farmed and harvested. This gives reasssurance that everything which carries the BigFish™ logo has been made from responsibly sourced fish, handled correctly and produced with care to the very highest standards by our team. 

In 2019 we became the first UK seafood producer to voluntarily disclose the origins of all our fish through the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) - a global, independent platform for voluntary disclosure of seafood sourcing. The ODP was launched in 2015 by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, a US-registered non-profit that works directly with the seafood industry to deliver sustainable seafood.

If you are interested in finding out more about the fish we use, you can now consult our ODP profile, which contains detailed information on the source of all our salmon and trout.

For more details about our Responsible Sourcing approach, download our policy.

  • “People are increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and we believe transparency is vital to ensure our customers can rely on us for responsibly-sourced fish.”

    Jack Coulbeck, commercial manager