• Fresh eco salmon
  • Investors in the Environment, Silver Award

Care and respect for the environment is a cornerstone of our sustainability approach

We take a proactive approach to our social and environmental responsibilities.

To guide our environmental approach, we are a member of the Government’s ‘Investors in the Environment’ programme, most recently achieving Silver Level accreditation. This commits us to set out an environmental policy, with targets for our performance on a whole range of issues, including energy use, waste management, transport and community involvement.  We are then audited annually on our performance against those targets.

In our most recent Investors in the Environment audit, we achieved a 93% overall success rate.  But we’re not complacent and are pushing all the time for improvement, with the help of our Green Champions who work hard to keep our green goals and achievements on track.

  • “One of my favourite ‘green’ projects has been to make optimum use of every salmon! Nothing is wasted, all the skin and bones we send off to be turned into animal feed. And last year we started doing ‘wonky fish’ offers – so any salmon pieces we can’t use for BigFish Brand we sell at bargain prices for the local community through our factory shop.”

    Green Champion