What to do with your delivery packaging

  • recycling, polystyrene

To ensure your order arrives in the best possible condition, we are currently delivering in recyclable polystyrene boxes.

Salmon is an oily fish - and so rich in healthy Omega3 -  but this oiliness also means that it defrosts more quickly than many other frozen foods.  We've experimented with recyclable cardboard for our frozen deliveries without success - so far the only way to ensure your frozen salmon remains frozen is to pack it in a polystyrene box. This is 100% recyclable but unfortunately very few local councils in the UK are currently accepting it.

We are working to find an alternative solution that is just as suitable for insulating frozen food and also fully recyclable at the kerbside but, until we find one, here are some ideas for upcycling or re-using your box.

  • Why not turn it into a warm house for a hedgehog in the winter?  Put the lid on and seal it shut along the edges with some wide tape, then cut a hole about 15cm square in one end for the entrance and a ventilation slot 15cm x 5cm along one side.  Download the Wildlife Trusts' full instructions on making a simple hedgehog house
  • A simple cool box for picnics - pop in a freezer pack and your box will keep food nice and chilled for at least four hours.
  • A bedding tray for seed germination - you can use both the box and the lid separately to get your seedlings started in the spring
  • An easy to wrap box for gifts.  Add some shredded paper to pack around fragile items and reseal with packing tape to mail gifts or goods to friends, even overseas!
  • Use in plant pots to aid drainage - break up your polystyrene and put pieces in the bottom of large planters to help prevent overwatering.