Why BigFish Brand?

  • The BigFish Brand team

Our award-winning BigFish range is made with care by our family-owned firm in Grimsby. We use responsibly sourced salmon and other fish grown by carefully selected producers that we know and trust.

All our fish arrives fresh at our factory on Grimsby docks, delivered daily from our suppliers in Scotland and Norway.  Then we cut and prepare it, add flavour (depending on the product) and package and freeze within an hour, preserving all the fish's natural freshness and nutritional value. The only extra additives are our knowledge and our fish expertise.

We're a small team but passionate about what we do - we believe there's no finer fish than salmon and it's our job to make it as easy to enjoy possible!

  • “Salmon is such a healthy, enjoyable food - we just love the stuff and want more people to enjoy it more often as part of their regular diets. We would all be a bit healthier if we ate more salmon!”

    Louise Coulbeck, Director