Traditionally Cured Oak Smoked Sea Trout

Smoked Sea Trout

Introducing our fantastic Smoked Sea Trout

  • Traditional Oak Smoked Sea Trout
  • Traditional Oak Smoked Sea Trout

    Simple but special canapés

Smoked Sea Trout Render v2 RS


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This special BigFish Smoked Sea Trout is made in our own Grimsby smokehouse.

We make this with a strain of rainbow trout, slow-grown for us at sea.  It's from the same family as salmon and makes a fantastic smoked product, but with a uniquely delicious flavour.

Just like our Smoked Salmon, this is cured in the traditional way, oak smoked and finely sliced.  Absolutely fantastic on toast, for canapés or even just in a very special sandwich!

This product can be ordered either chilled or frozen

  • “Our Smoked Sea Trout has a unique flavour that's just a little bit different. If you love Smoked Salmon we guarantee you'll like this!”

    Andrew Coulbeck, Founder & Director

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