• Signature Smoked Salmon
  • Signature Smoked Salmon

Signature Oak Smoked Salmon

Our Signature Smoked Salmon is made with superior Atlantic Salmon with designated origin (PGI) status from Scotland.  It is also certified to the GlobalG.A.P. (GGN) aquaculture standard, so farmed according to strict criteria on environmental integrity, animal welfare, food safety and social responsibility.  These salmon are reared in cool, fast-flowing lochs where they grow strong, muscular and delicious – and naturally rich in Omega3.

In Grimsby, we simply cure whole salmon sides with natural salt and slowly smoke in the traditional way, using oak and other natural flavourings to give this product its unique character and full, rich taste.

Enjoy Signature Smoked Salmon straight from the pack – it’s perfect for a luxurious breakfast, sandwich or salad. Or use it to add special flavour to all sorts of cooked dishes.

This Smoked Salmon won a Silver Award in the 2020 Monde Selection Awards.

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