Loch Trout Fillets

Loch Trout

Plain, natural fillets

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  • Loch Trout
  • Loch Trout
  • Loch Trout

    Great in our fast recipe for Salmon or Loch Trout pâté



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Our delicious Loch Trout fillets use a strain of rainbow trout which is slow grown at sea. It’s from the same family as salmon and rich in Omega3 but with a character all of its own.

These top quality, boneless trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets have a full marine flavour and a firm flesh.  Just like salmon, this loch-raised trout is good for you, rich in Omega3 and delicious.

We’ve used the same clever packaging for our Loch Trout as for the rest of our BigFish fillet range - cook straight from frozen - poach in the pack, bake, grill or microwave in just 4 minutes. No fuss, no smell, no mess, just delicious fish every time.

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