Why fish at Easter?

29 Mar 2018

Be it fish pie on Good Friday or a nice piece of salmon, lots of people choose to eat fish over the Easter period and sales of seafood go up at this time of year.

The fact that it seems natural to eat fish at Easter comes – like many UK traditions - from the Christian church.

All Fridays in the Christian calendar were in the past deemed to be the day of the week when believers should fast from red meat and Good Friday particularly so.  It was however permissible to eat ‘cold blooded’ foods of which fish is a prime example. So even though many of us are no longer religious, the tradition carries on in the way we plan our Easter menus!

Given the high demand for fish at Easter, Maundy Thursday – the day of the Last Supper – was also a key day for fishermen, as demand for their catches was so much higher. And in our home town of Grimsby, a further tradition would be that the local fish companies would celebrate a successful day of Maundy Thursday sales by providing a parcel of fish to their employees for the Easter meal.

Every Maundy Thursday we are ourselves proud to continue this tradition and all our staff are presented with a parcel of salmon to enjoy over the holiday with their families.

  • “It gives us pleasure every year to carry on a Grimsby Easter tradition and the whole team get to take home some lovely salmon to make their Easter weekends a bit more special”

    Louise Coulbeck, Director

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