Whip up wonderful in ten minutes!

  • A few simple ingredients for a tasty, balanced meal in just ten minutes

  • Eh voila! Eastern Thai Salmon with veggies in just 10 minutes

26 Feb 2019

Short of time? With our salmon fillets, you can put together a tasty, balanced meal in just ten minutes – one that’s definitely healthier than most other ‘fast food!’

Just grab one of our fillets from the freezer and add a few easy ingredients! 

Here are a couple of ideas whizzed up in Lou’s kitchen. 

Piri Piri Salmon with Lentils

For this we used one of our Piri Piri flavoured fillets, frozen peas and spinach, some fresh tomatoes and a packet of ready to eat lentils (we like Merchant Gourmet).   Take one of our fillets from the freezer and cook in the microwave (follow the pack instructions).  Similarly, heat the lentils in the microwave.  Meanwhile boil or steam the peas and spinach for a few minutes until tender.  Now chop the tomatoes into quarters and mix the lentils and veggies together.  Pop the salmon fillet on top and serve… hey presto!

Eastern Thai Salmon Fillets with Tilda Brown Basmati and Wild Rice

We used our Eastern Thai flavoured salmon for this one.  Pop the salmon fillet in the microwave. While it’s cooking, put some broccoli into a pan to steam.  When the salmon’s done, take it out then carefully remove the skin and flake the salmon portion. Warm a pouch of pre-cooked rice (try Tilda Steamed Basmati) in the microwave. Chop a few radishes and a fresh pepper quite small, then stir into the rice along with the broccoli florets and the flaked salmon.

Super easy and delicious!

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