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28 Feb 2020

Our commercial manager, Jack Coulbeck, on why our salmon is special.

There’s nothing more important for us at BigFish™ than knowing our suppliers. We set very high standards and expect them to be focused on growing healthy salmon with absolute minimum impact on the environment.

Last year, BigFish was the first seafood brand to certify all its standard* Atlantic salmon as GGN-certified under the GLOBALG.A.P. aquaculture standard for food safety, environmental integrity, animal welfare and social responsibility.  As we roll out our new packaging this year, you’ll increasingly see a GGN number on the salmon in our BigFish packs, so you can go online yourself to verify where the fish has come from.

We're also the first UK seafood supplier to sign up to the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). If you look us up you’ll see that 95% of all the fish we buy across our business already has some form of responsibility certification such as GGN, certified Organic or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).  We expect to reach 100% certification across all our fish by the end of 2020. 

So if you care about great salmon, responsibly sourced, you can rely on us.

*ie. non-organic. Our Organic products carry their own certification standard

  • “If you care about great salmon, responsibly sourced, you can rely on us”

    Jack Coulbeck, commercial manager

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