Treating Dad with some healthy salmon

  • Herb crusted salmon for Dad (and Teddy the dog!)

13 Jun 2019

Our Louise loves cooking for the family and naturally enough is a mine of information when it comes to making the most of fish, especially salmon.

When it comes to treating her Dad, Don, one dish that’s sure to win him over is this Herb Crusted Salmon.  It’s really bursting with full-on flavour from fresh mixed herbs, mustard and roasted garlic.

“This is an absolute treat,” says Lou.  “Even if you’re not lucky enough to have home-grown herbs to hand, it really is worth splashing out on some fresh ones from the supermarket, they make the dish look and taste really fantastic.  Plus of course they add an extra shot of vitamins to our lovely Omega3 rich salmon fillets.  A really great recipe for showing a little extra love to Dad on Father’s Day.”

Why not give it a go for your special Dad, step-Dad or Grandad this Father’s Day, June 17?

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