The only salmon brand with the reassurance of GGN certification

23 Sep 2019

BigFish is the first UK brand to commit to the GGN responsible aquaculture standard, which appears for the first time this month on a new product for Mindful Chef.

As a family-owned salmon company, we're passionate about doing things right so this month is a special one for us as we launch our very first product to carry the GGN certified aquaculture label. 

The GGN label on a pack shows that the salmon inside has been produced in a way which complies with the strict requirements of the international GLOBALG.A.P. aquaculture standard: for food safety, environmental integrity, animal welfare and social responsibility.  We have committed to GGN for all our BigFish branded Atlantic salmon*, so going forward you will increasingly see that our BigFish packaging carries a label with a GLOBALG.A.P. (GGN) number, allowing the certified source of the product to be verified online.   

The very first product to carry this GGN labelling is our new BigFish fresh salmon fillet which will start to appear in recipe boxes distributed by Mindful Chef from this month.   

Co-founder of Mindful Chef, Myles Hopper, says: "At Mindful Chef, we care about quality, transparency and sustainability. Sourcing ethically and responsibly is not only incredibly important to us but to our customers as well, which is why we're thrilled to be working with BigFish to send out the UK's first GGN labelled products in our healthy recipe boxes. This supports our business values, gives us further credibility and also gives our customers that extra knowledge on where our ingredients come from.”

Watch out for more GGN labelling as we roll it out across BigFish salmon products over the next 12 months!

* GGN only applies to our standard Atlantic salmon, our Organic salmon has its own certification standard

  • “Whilst people are increasingly interested in the provenance of their food, sometimes its difficult to make a responsible choice, particularly when it comes to farmed fish. We want to make it simple by ensuring BigFish products have a third-party certification which guarantees they’ve been farmed responsibly. The GGN label is an important tool for us to deliver on this objective for our standard Atlantic Salmon. ”

    Jack Coulbeck, commercial manager

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