The Arctic Circle Challenge

  • A beautiful view of the Arctic Circle

  • Dawn caught sight of the Northern Lights

27 Feb 2017

We all know how cold it’s been here in the UK over the past few months, so we can sort of sympathise with Dawn Kirman, who spent two days skiing across the Arctic Circle… Well, no maybe it’s not that similar.

Dawn chose to raise money for a cause that is close to the hearts of millions of people all over the world, breast cancer. Being inspired by the work of ‘Walk the Walk’ a charity set up in 1996 to unite against breast cancer, Dawn, and a number of other brave ladies, began training for their snowy challenge.

Choosing to walk the 26 mile London Moon Walk back in May last year, wearing a Mini Mouse inspired bra outfit… Now, we can’t imagine that would be very warm in the Arctic Circle! Dawn spent the days up to the Moon Walk walking the Lincolnshire Wolds in training for the main event, The Arctic Marathon.

Dawn said ‘for the last 12 years I have skied downhill, only recently I’ve really fancied giving cross country skiing a go too … So why not throw myself in ay the deep end and do 26 miles over 2 days in the Arctic Circle.’

You can still donate to Dawn’s cause, as we have, by clicking here, the money goes towards helping families that have been affected by breast cancer. 

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