Recycling commitments for Recycle Week

  • BigFish Brand recycles for Recycle Week 2018
  • fish cakes with 100% recyclable packaging

25 Sep 2018

For Recycle Week, we’re highlighting our recycling goals and also our new Big Fish Brand™ Fish Cakes, now in entirely recyclable packaging!

We all recognise nowadays that being as ‘green’ as possible is really important and even smaller companies like ours can help make a difference, by minimising the volume of packaging we require and maximising the recyclability of the materials we do use.

Obviously as a food producer our first concern has to be for food quality and safety.  Our packs must keep our fish in tip-top condition - from the time it leaves our factory in Grimsby to when people open and cook it.  Lots of our BigFish Brand products are frozen and have long shelf lives, so we need a balance between durable, safe packaging solutions and ones that can be recycled.

BigFish Brand Fish Cakes are a great example of positive change – we’ve got rid of a non-recyclable black plastic tray and film and put our tasty new range in a cardboard carton which is fully recyclable in normal domestic waste streams.

This is just one small step in the right direction, so for our other products and our manufacturing operation, we’ve set ourselves some clear targets.  You can read the details in our Packaging and Recycling Policy.