Helping out at the Grimsby Food Kitchen

4 Jul 2016

We like to help our local charities, and one charity that we regularly help out are the Grimsby Food Kitchen.

The organisers of the charities, Kath and Ken, aim to help anyone who comes to them, although due to the nature of their charity, they can’t offer help to anyone under the age of 18, or anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They not only offer food to those that need a little extra help, they offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

Managing Director, Louise Coulbeck and one of our sales girls, Jess, went along to help out on the 3rd of July. They said the feedback from both the volunteers and the users of the charity was really great. Everyone that used the service had such gratitude for both Kath and Ken and showed the upmost respect.

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