Get fresh with salmon in January!

2 Jan 2018

Why not add more salmon to your 2018 menus to kickstart a healthier new year?

High in protein, rich in Omega3 and packed with flavour, our BigFish Brand™ salmon fillets are a fast and flexible ingredient for all kinds of easy, healthy meals. 

Start with one or two salmon fillets, straight out of the freezer.  Add a mixture of healthy fresh vegetables and in just a few minutes you can whizz up a great balanced meal. 

For a cold day, we particularly like our Winter Salmon with Roasted Veg which is simplicity itself, just prep a few ingredients, warm up the oven and do something else for half an hour while it cooks. Or, for a quick midweek meal that’s a refreshing change from all that heavy seasonal food, you can whip up our Sweet Chilli Salmon Stir Fry in just a few minutes.

There are lots of other ideas on our Recipes page.  And whatever you choose to cook, if you start with some salmon you’ve already made a great step towards healthier eating in 2018!

Here’s to a healthier ‘BigFish Brand You’ in 2018.

  • “After all the indulgences of the festive season, it feels so good to add a few more of these fresh, healthy salmon dishes to our weekly menu.”

    Louise Coulbeck, Director