Five things that make Organic Salmon special

7 Sep 2017

Organic September is the time to celebrate all things organic, including of course our premium BigFish Brand Organic salmon fillets! This really is the very best quality salmon you can buy, so here are the reasons why it’s special - and worth paying a little more for!

1. Organic at every stage of life... Our Organic salmon are grown from organic smolts (juvenile fish). These are only reared in the spring, following the salmon’s natural wild reproductive cycle.

2. A balanced diet... These salmon eat feed made only with purely organic-approved, natural ingredients from sustainable sources which are GMO free. The feed includes at least 50% fishmeal made from off-cuts intended for human consumption. 

3. Perfectly pink....Only natural pigments are used in organic salmon feed, whilst some conventional producers employ synthetic additives to enhance the pink colour of salmon flesh

4. More freedom to roam... Salmon in organic systems are given more room to grow and shoal in their pens – usually twice as much space per fish than conventional systems.

5. Clean living... Organic salmon are reared in the cleanest possible environment, with an especially strong flow of clean salt water.  This and the low stocking density ensures they are lean and strong, which makes for a better tasting fish!

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