Fish with Horseradish? Why not?

  • #FishCakeFriday

19 Oct 2018

Here at BigFish Brand we’ve been experimenting with our lovely new fish cakes. Our director, Louise, is a dab hand in the kitchen and one of her favourites is horseradish with salmon!

It sounds unlikely, but lots of us have tried it and in fact Lou’s Horseradish Crème Fraiche is rapidly becoming one of our favourites!

It’s perfect with our BigFish Brand Salmon Fishcakes – adding a gentle kick that perfectly complements the savoury flavour of the salmon and the crunchiness of the coating.

Try it for yourself  Just mix a tablespoon of horseradish sauce with a tablespoon of crème fraiche (half fat is fine if you’re feeling ultra-healthy!).  Season to taste with lots of black pepper.  You can also add a squeeze of lemon or try shop-bought mayonnaise instead of the crème fraiche.  Taste and adjust the seasoning as you like before serving a big dollop alongside a couple of our lovely new fish salmon cakes and some seasonal vegetables. Delish!

Yet another way to celebrate #FishCakeFriday!

  • “Horseradish and salmon sounds a bit weird at first but everyone I’ve tried this one on agrees it’s a perfect marriage!”

    Louise Coulbeck, Director

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