Fish Tales Man: The Tour de Grimsby (P2)

1 Jun 2016

Part two of the tale

Situated near the Tour de Grimsby Docks start line was one of the town’s most popular little pubs – the Lincoln Arms. Your writer is 70 this year, and never experienced the INSIDE of the Lincoln but as a boy, I did experience the occasional Sunday in its corner niche, selling Sunday papers with my dad, whilst he covered for his brother George Lane.

Uncle George was one of Grimsby’s most recognisable figures throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, as he had the prime spot for his trade – selling the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. He and my Dad started their own round when dad was around 11 years old, “flogging” the Telegraph in the around around their “home” (slum!) just off Strand Street.

Life took the brothers in different directions, but George kept that corner plot for most of his working life. I wonder how many of Coulbeck’s employees bought the “Telewag” from Uncle George?

He used to prepare well for the evening bike rush, rolling his papers up tight, like batons. The cyclist would have his tuppence ready. In one smooth operation, the paper and the cash would be exchanged! George should have trained the British Athletics team, who so often drop their batons, he could have won gold for Grimsby!

Fish Tales Man

  • “The boys selling the old Sport Telegraph would have a pocket of half pennies. If the Mariners had won, the buyer would tell the lads to “keep the change” for the tuppence. But, if they’d lost, the disgruntled “fan” would ask for his halfpenny change. Proof that a successful local team does wonders for the morale – and that a losing one makes us “mardy.””

    Fish Tales Man

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