Fish Tales Man: The Oldest Royal Charter

1 Sep 2016

Dear Reader and Followers of the JCS Fish blog… did you know that the much maligned town of Grimsby has one of the oldest Royal Charters in the land?

Oh yes, it is true, for it was granted by King John on 11 March, in the year 1201AD – that’s 14 years before the Big Charter (Magna Carta) was presented to the nation at Runnymede.

This year sees the town’s 815th anniversary. I tried to find a suitable card in Card Warehouse, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Perhaps JCS Fish could dedicate one of its varied products to it – “The Charter Fish Cake” will tickle the taste buds of freedom! Perhaps not – I’ll leave that to the Marketing Department.

A Royal Charter granted towns the right to hold markets and to trade with others. It also granted the rights to hold an annual fair. The Status Fair was held for many years at the Cattle Market site, near the old Market Hotel.  Countless townspeople of Grimsby and Cleethorpes attended this event, bringing colour and excitement into their hardworking lives.

Is it still held? I’m not sure, but I would guess that what was once exciting for “us oldies” no longer has drawing power for the new electronic generation. A pity really – I used to love the carousel (I was never very adventurous!)

Some electronic using person might like to google “Royal Charters” to find out who were lower down the pecking order than us. I think we might be surprised by the results.

See you soon!

Fish Tales Man

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