Fish Tales Man: Sir Alfred Bannister

19 May 2016

1929 List of Grimsby Trawlers

Bannister Trawling Company

Andes  GY5

Kalso  GY725

Buzzard  GY825

Rolls Royce  GY1046

Lanchester  GY1070

Edinboro Castle  GY1285 (Bannister and Barton)

The Forward Steam Fishing Company

Onward  GY87

Northward  GY110

Ophir II  GY171

Orizaba  GY356

Napier  GY597

Sylvia  GY1112

Now, there may be many more – so, if you find any of them, please let JCS Fish know. And, if you visit the main library and pop down the stairs to the local history section, you’ll see a picture of “The Dogger Bank” pub in the display case …. Living history? You can’t beat it!

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