Fish Tales Man: ‘Sir’ Alfred Bannister

22 Jan 2018

Ever had a bad eyesight day? Me too…

In a previous piece on Alfred Bannister, I mistakenly elevated him to a Knight of the Realm! But, even though he worked his socks off for this town of ours, he was not rewarded with a knighthood.

Not even after meeting King Edward VII and his good lady at the opening of Immingham Docks in 1911. Perhaps it was Alf’s Grimsby twang that put the H.R.H off!

And even though Alfred poured his whole being into doing well for the town (and no doubt, himself), he still didn’t receive the coveted envelop with the Royal Coat of Arms.

Alfred was secretary to ‘this’ and held directorships of ‘that’, and was a willing participant in many ‘others’. He was a Town Councillor, a Justice of the Peace, and once stood in a General Election as a Liberal. Surely, if anyone deserved a knighthood it was our Alf!

And what about Sir Elton and Sir Mick? Not to mention Sir Cliff and Sir Paul… Did they do anything for Grimsby? No!

So, let’s start a petition, and get a posthumous knighthood for the Coulbeck’s ancestor. After all, the top hat and tails have been ready and waiting for too long!

Fish Tales Man

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