Fish Tales Man: Grimsby Chums from Down Dock

28 Jun 2018

Cleethorpes Armed Forces weekend reminds us to reflect on all the men from the area who enlisted in the Armed Forces, past and present.

In particular, the Grimsby Chums. They were a brave group of men who enlisted en-bloc in the Lincolnshire Regiment to fight for their country in 1914.

On October 12th 1914, my old Grandad, George Lane was one of those men.

By that time, George was working down dock for the Grimsby Ice Company. How many more of his fellow dock-workers were amongst those loyal men of Grimsby, I wonder?

Miraculously, George survived the whole of the conflict, winning the Meritorious Service Medal along the way.

He was one of the lucky ones who could return to life “down dock”.

We should remember those brave “chums” of Grimsby who failed to do so.

FishTales Man

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