Fighting back for Grimsby with Grimsby Girl

  • We're supporting a new independent film that puts Grimsby in a different light
  • Our Andrew with a walk-on part in the new Grimsby Girl film

7 Oct 2016

Why we're supporting a new film that aims to put some proper Northern humour into it's portrayal of our lovely home town

We are proud of our lovely northern home town but it often gets a raw deal in the media.  And, when you tell people where you’re from, the inevitable fish puns won’t be long in coming.  Things got even worse earlier this year with the release of THAT film (and we’re sure you know which one).  

So, when we heard about Nya Hill’s Grimsby Girl project we thought, what a great idea.  A brilliant way for Grimbarians to fight back and a chance to flip all those flipping fishy puns and clichés on their head.  A short film with a great story and a bit of proper Northern humour this time, directed by a proper Grimsby girl.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be involved and support this project.   And as well as helping with some sponsorship to get it off the ground, a couple of us even got the chance to play walk on parts!

The crowd funding process for this worthwhile independent film will reopen soon and we think it’s definitely worth a few quid to help put the record straight.  We’re proud and happy to be from Grimsby and anyone who’s willing to spread the message is ok with us!

Oh, and when the film finally makes it on screen, don’t forget to watch out for our Andrew in his debut screen role, playing the part of A Hitchhiker.  Didn’t he do well?!

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