Cook up some family fun this Bank Holiday

23 Aug 2019

The weather forecast looks fine for this weekend so what better than to organise some outdoor time with friends and family?

BigFish founders, Lou and Andrew, along with son Jack, enjoy the sunshine at home in their Grimsby back garden.  Simple but tasty home-cooked food and some cool drinks make for a perfect afternoon with friends, including a few four-legged ones!

Lou says:

“For the barbecue, we love some simply grilled salmon fillets.  You can do these straight from frozen – just lightly rub each fillet with a little olive oil, then loosely wrap in foil to create more heat inside the parcel.  If the salmon is fresh or already defrosted, you can cook them open on just a square of foil.  Season each fillet and top with a slice of lemon if you like. 

Make sure the barbecue heat is around medium, then pop the fillets on the grill.  A fresh 1-inch thick fillet will cook in 10-15 minutes, a little longer if cooking from frozen.  Before serving do check each one with a fork to make sure the flesh is beautifully pink and just cooked through (not transparent) in the middle. But be careful not to overcook or the flesh will become dry!”

These are so delicious just served with a fresh garden salad and some delicious crusty bread or a potato salad.  Lou loves to add herbs from her garden too - dill, parsley and chives are all good.

A fresh, delicious and healthy way to eat in the sunshine – just add friends and a glass or two of your favourite tipple!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

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