Celebrating our 20th Birthday

14 Sep 2020

Our family company, JCS Fish, marks its 20th anniversary this week.

JCS Fish was founded by husband and wife team, Andrew and Louise Coulbeck, on 15 September 2000.  Twenty years later, we have a staff of 50 and have become well established as one of the UK's leading specialists in salmon, including for our wonderful BigFish™ brand.

Our company started in the millennium year when we had just five staff in our first factory in Grimsby docks, opposite the old (now new) fish market.  Andy, who had been working in fish with his father’s firm since the age of 16, saw an opportunity for a new business focused entirely on farmed salmon.  His instinct proved sound and JCS grew rapidly, processing fish which Andy sourced himself from carefully chosen producers in Scotland and Scandinavia.

BigFish followed in 2009.  Our first BigFish products were plain and flavoured salmon fillets, followed by breaded salmon bites, fish cakes and, most recently, smoked fish. 

BigFish has won 25 individual product awards to date, most recently in April this year with a Silver Monde Selection award for our Signature Smoked Salmon.  Other major milestones have included BRC AA grade accreditation for our factory; a new smokehouse which opened last year and growing sales for our Organic products.  We're particularly proud too of our consistent focus on quality and sustainability which mean that BigFish salmon products are now certified to the GlobalG.A.P. standard.

We've always loved frozen - which has proven particularly effective this year with sales of frozen fish estimated to be up more than 11% this year as people rediscover the value and usefulness of their freezers during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Co-founder Louise Coulbeck says, “Its fabulous to have reached our 20th year, though we have had to deal with a lot of challenges too, including massive market fluctuations and of course this year’s pandemic. 

“The family is so thankful for our brilliant staff team who make our business what it is, many of them have been with us for more than ten years.  We are also grateful to everyone else who has helped us reach our 20th birthday, including the fantastic Grimsby community and all our loyal customers.”

With son Jack Coulbeck and his fiancé Rosie also now part of the family business, we're looking forward to a strong future as part of Grimsby’s flourishing seafood industry!

  • “As a family we're so grateful for everyone who has helped make our business what it is... from our brilliant staff team to the fantastic Grimsby community and all our loyal customers.”

    Louise Coulbeck, co-founder

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