Celebrating National Fish & Chip Day

2 Jun 2017

Today (2 June) is the UK's second National Fish & Chip Day, time to celebrate all that's good about our 'National' dish!

We all love a tasty plate of fish and chips and of course you should always look for sustainable options in terms of traditional cod and haddock.  Lots of local chippies nowadays are proud to display the blue MSC 'tick' logo so that's one to watch out for, check out the MSC's list of certified chippies here.

But of course, here at BigFish Brand we're all about salmon. Because we use top quality, sustainably sourced farmed salmon, there's no worry about overfishing and our fantastic fast salmon fillets really do make a great fish and chip supper, straight from the freezer at home!

Check out our Fast Fish & Chips recipe.

And for everything you want to know about National Fish & Chip Day click here 

  • “I really love this one for a fast supper, particularly served up with some of our local Lincolnshire peas!”

    Louise Coulbeck, Director

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