Afternoon Tea Week

12 Aug 2019

Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week (12-18 August) in style by including some of our delicious, award-winning BigFish Smoked Salmon and Smoked Sea Trout.

All you need is a selection of your favourite breads and crackers (we particularly like Nairns oatcakes) plus a few simple garnishes and some of our fabulous Traditional Smoked Salmon and Traditional Smoked Sea Trout.

Then its simplicity itself to put together some tasty little nibbles to add to your afternoon tea! Choose your favourites from these and in just a few minutes you’ll have a savoury course for your Afternoon Tea sorted.

  • Avocado – just mash a ‘ready to eat’ avocado with a little seasoning, spread on oatcakes or crackers and top with slices of the smoked fish
  • Cream cheese is great as a spread on crackers or oatcakes.  You could try different kinds of cream cheese, such as with herbs or black pepper – then just top with slices of your favourite smoked fish.
  • Cucumber is of course the perfect ingredient for a classic Smoked Salmon sandwich, just slice thinly and layer with smoked salmon between slices of buttered bread.
  • Horseradish sauce is great for adding a little zing, check out our recipe for mixing with cream cheese as a base for a sandwich spread or on crackers.
  • Fresh herbs are great for extra flavour and visual interest, try parsley, dill, mint and chives.  Just chop finely and either sprinkle on top as garnish or stir into cream cheese.
  • Lemon thinly sliced as a garnish or serve wedges on the side to squeeze over the fish before eating

So easy to do and so enjoyable and easy to eat! 

Add some freshly baked cakes and a few friends and you've the perfect recipe for an afternoon tea or summer picnic in the sun.

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