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27 May 2019

This week is National Barbecue Week. Time (weather permitting) to fire up the coals and do some outdoor cooking!

Barbecues are traditionally meaty affairs, but the BigFish team is much more likely to be found grilling up some delicious salmon or sea trout.  Whilst this might not be the first thing you think of for your barbecue, it is quick, delicious and really easy to prepare.

Simplest is often best. You can defrost our fillets in the fridge or alternatively grill straight from the freezer, just take them out a little before you want to cook so you can remove from the vac pack.  Then put them skin-side down, each on an individual piece of lightly-oiled foil. Pop the foil and fish pieces directly onto a nice hot grill and cook - this might take 5-10 minutes depending on whether you're cooking frozen or chilled and the thickness of the fillet, so keep checking.  Also because the fish will continue to cook after you take it off the grill it can be better to very slightly undercook, that way it will be perfect by the time it hits the plate!

Our Plain or Organic fillets go beautifully with a home-made salsa (like our mango and chilli salsa recipe) or just some nice bottled barbecue sauce. Or, why not grill up one of our marinade flavours? Sweet Chilli is great on a barbecue with some nice grilled veg and our Maple flavour is lovely as part of a meal with other grilled meats, some new potatoes and a nice salad.

So next time the sun is shining and you're tempted to get grilling, why not add some BigFish to your menu?  It's high in protein and loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids so a healthier alternative to many traditional barbecue foods. 

And of course, cooking fish is also a good way to avoid the after effects sometimes associated with badly-barbecued meat!

  • “We just love to grill our salmon or sea trout fillets on the barbecue, they're a lovely light fresh alternative and always handy straight from our freezer”

    Andy Coulbeck, director

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