• We can trace every product right back to it's origin at the salmon farm
  • Our technical team is key to our traceability commitment
  • ...through processing at our Grimsby factory
  • ...right through to finished product.

Full traceability is a key element of our environmental and sustainability commitments.

We use all the latest technology to ensure full traceability throughout our supply chain.  This means we know the origin of each individual fish - where and when it was farmed and caught and when it was delivered to our Grimsby factory.

Real time data capture and barcodes keep track of each product, from raw whole fish, through processing, flavouring and freezing right through to finished, packaged product in store.  This means you can be sure that every BigFish Brand product has been responsibly sourced and correctly handled.

  • “We are 100% focused on providing new innovative products, the best level of customer service and the highest quality of responsibly sourced salmon.”

    Andrew Coulbeck, Managing director